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What To Expect From NY CITY BOILERS
Everybody expects on-time, clean, skilled technical service. But if expectations were all there were to finding a reliable company, you could open the phone book and pick one. It’s meeting those expectations and more that make us different. Here's what to expect with a new install.
When Will You Arrive?
The average arrival time is 8:30 a.m. sometimes, traffic can slow us down.
Should I Cover My Carpets?
No. We will enter your home wearing shoe covers and then place drop clothes where we intend to work.
Will I Need To Clean After The Installation?
No. After we install your heating system we will vacuum the areas where we worked. While we will try to get everything, there might be some residual dust from the installation for a couple of days. We also will recycle your old equipment!
Will You Be Loud?
Not often. Our crews will use power tools, hammers and saws at different times during your installation. Most sounds come from our crew communicating with each other.
Can I Run My HEATING SYSTEM DURING The Installation?
No. Your old system will be disconnected during the first hour of our arrival. In some, rare cases, with extensive work, heating system may be off overnight.
Whom Do I Give The Final Payment to?
A NY CITY BOILER technician usually will have invoices and can collect the balance due. If you financed the project, the necessary paperwork should have been completed before the start of the job.


Here's what you can do:
Call for a convenient, free NY CITY BOILERS heating evaluation - $59 value.
NY CITY BOILERS can offer you options to build a heating system to do as little or as much as possible making costs over the long run lower.
Trained technicians will inform you of what to expect. We'll protect your place, remove your old equipment then quickly install and operationally test your new energy efficiency system.
We'll inform you about your thermostat programming, equipment operation, safety concerns. Finally we'll talk about warranty information.
You'll have peace of mind with no more repairs for many years to come, you'll fight the energy war with high efficiency, increase your property value and best of all added indoors comfort. We look forward to helping you stay safe and comfortable.

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