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  • Simply put, here is our approach to servicing and installing heating and cooling systems
  • Foremost, the entire system needs to be safe and stable. It needs to be able to withstand the outdoor elements and have the reliability to operate under the harshest of conditions. Your system shouldn't 'fade' when temperatures get really hot or cold outside
  • Pride is an important component to integrating new equipment where old equipment once sat. A replacement installation should clearly show the craftwork of the installer. Their work needs to be aesthetically pleasing. They need to leave clean, well defined lines that complement the structure and equipment location
  • All of our installers are craftsmen. Our service personnel are seasoned technicians who know how heating and cooling units should perform. And we know the importance a customer places in the ability to communicate their needs to someone who understands their goals
  • A lot of people think they know how to install a unit. But not everyone can install or service a heating or cooling system that's safe, reliable, has outstanding performance, and options for every need. That's what we believe, and it's our approach at N Y CITY BOILERS Heating & Cooling. If it's equally important to you, look over our website and give us a call. We have been in Business for over 35 years
  • We guarantee our service, products and craftsmanship
  • Newer equipment technology can often save you $45.00 to $85.00 per month on your heating and cooling operating costs
  • Over 47% of N Y CITY BOILERS ' customers are referrals
  • Competitive Pricing & Quality Products
  • We honor all of our commitments
  • Several financing options available including 12 months no payment no interest
  • And, we’ve been working here locally for over 35 years



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